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I discovered Above Ground Pool Builders (AGPB) from a simple google search when looking for a local company to replace my 14 yr old pool liner. I sent the company a message thru their link on the site and got a quick response with more info than I first asked for in my inquiry. In fact, all the info were answers to the many questions I was going to be asking. So instead of many back and forth emails I had all my questions answered in only two. I ordered the new liner online on a Sunday afternoon, (price was very affordable and a high grade liner at that), it was direct shipped to my house and delivered on Wednesday. Dave and his crew showed up as promised the next day to do the job. (The installation cost also very reasonable). Within two hrs they had the old liner removed and the new one installed. My liner was not just a simple take out and replace job, it still had about 4″ of old green water standing on the bottom that still had to be drained out and my pool is completely surrounded by a pressure treated deck! They tackled it head on, answered all my many questions while completing it with a courteous and helpful manor. In just a couple hours, my pool went from an ugly Green to a beautiful Blue. Without a doubt, I would HIGHLY recommend ABGPB to anyone for their pool liner replacement. Just one more thing, AGGPB website is top notch, very simple to navigate through and has all the visuals and information you can imagine to help you through a liner replacement including how-to-do-it-yourself videos…. Thank you Dave & crew for a job well done!

- Julie P.

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