Above Ground Pool Installation

How do I get that pool in my backyard?

Free backyard visit

The best way to start the process of owning an above ground swimming pool is to fill out the form below. This will get the ball rolling. 

Hello, My name is David Mispilkin and I’ve been installing above ground swimming pools since 1992 (26 years). I have the experience that only comes with time.

Before the process comes a Free backyard visitation. We will come over and answer all pool and installation related questions. Once you decide to purchase a pool the following process of events takes place. 

Pool Installation Process of Events



1.Pool installation contract has to be signed for this pool installation process to start.

2.Once contract for installation is signed and down payment received then you are place you on the schedule.

3. From here you’re Name, Address, telephone and installation date is sent to Bobcat Services. They will call you to set up a time frame to come out and excavate. Pool installation charges include a 1 hour excavation. Any excavation needing more than 1 hours is billed directly at $125.00 per hour and is not included in installation charges. (EXAMPLE: your excavation takes 4 hours to complete. 1 hrs is included in the installation fee and 3hrs is billed at $375.00 and needs to be paid to Bobcat Services at time of excavation.

PLEASE NOTE: Most excavations take less than 1 hour

4.On day of installation a delivery of mason sand is made to the pool site. We need this mason sand delivered to the excavated area. We hire an outside delivery service that depends on access to the pool site. It is important to note that the sand could be delivered without our presence. If the sand is delivered and we aren’t present. Please see attached sheet for placement of sand (Sand Placement Chart) In the event you have no access for delivery to the pool site we need to know this so that we can make arrangements to move this tonnage of sand by hand. If we are required to move tonnage of sand to the work site by wheel barrel then we will charge 150$ to do so. You are welcome to move sand on your own as well.

5.Next comes installation day. On Installation day please provide us with access to an electrical outlet in which we will need to plug in a vacuum. We will also need access to a water hose so we may start to fill your new pool. You can expect us to wait for level of water to be at a safe level for us to cut skimmer and return openings. If water pressure/flow is slow we may leave and come back next day to cut in skimmer and return. This is determined during installation team.

6.You can expect to have your entire pool package installed. We will put together filtration system complete with hoses to skimmer and return. We will build most ladders and stairs. However there are some stairs or ladders that require more installation time and these few models will be charged extra. (Most ladders and steps are of the basic kind.)

7.If you decide to hire outside water delivery service we want you to schedule this service for two days after pool liner is installed. This will allow the new liner to get a positive first stretch. You should allow the first 8 inches of water to fill by hose and let this water sit for at least 48 hours. Again this gives liner its initial stretch that is most important of a new liner installation.

8.Once all pool and equipment is assembled and skimmer/return is finished being cut in. We will then walk you through operation of your filtration system and other equipment. If you would like ongoing care please let us know at this time. We can work out an initial service plan for you.

9.When you purchase a new pool and installation from us. We want you to know we have other services that you may want to hire us for. Pool openings and closings are a couple of these type services. We also have access to any pool chemicals or sanitation systems you desire plus we can ship these items right to your home.

10.Next and last we hand over all warranty paperwork and invoice is to be paid in full at this time. Please be advised on day of pool installation we are required to collect installation payment in full. If you plan to pay by credit card we require payment be made the day before we arrive for installation. And of course all cash payments receive 5% off entire installation bill!


Installers: We are always looking for qualified installation guys and gals? If you would like to meet?  Please contact me (Dave) at email: info@abovegroundpoolbuilder.com.


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