Above Ground Pool Installation

How does the process work?

Model-499-Economy-Pool-Fence-System-pic-1-400x320We start with a free backyard consultation. It is key to having a perfect above ground pool installation. We’ll come over to your residence answer your questions. Please understand when purchasing a pool with us this is mandatory as well as free. We pride ourselves at getting this correct for you as well as for us.  Please note: We provide this backyard visit free but during peak season we can be very busy. In most cases we can expedite visits by using communication technology such as video/pictures and phone/email to speed this process up for our customers. Basically if we can see your project scope then we can answer and provide free and accurate quotes. 

Filtration Installation LanceWe rely on Lance Greggerson Construction to handle our Installation needs. Greggerson has 15 years installation experience. We at the Above Ground Pool Builder back up Greggerson’s work with our own 25 years of installation experience. We work together providing you with prompt installation experience. We provide workmanship warranties that exceed all others in the above ground pool installation field. Greggerson provides a one full year warranty. The Above Ground Pool Builder backs this up with an additional one year when purchasing a pool through us. That’s “TWO YEAR WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY”. 

Providing two years workmanship guarantee is unprecedented with the above ground pool installations. We are confident we can get the job done fast, friendly and provide you with piece of mind guarantee that nobody else can provide. 

In addition to FREE Backyard visitation and two years warranty. We at the Above Ground Pool Builder will schedule an end of the year FREE visitation. During this time we will make sure your first season was a success. We will guide you at closing your pool and can offer closing services at this time. 

*Our pool installation pricing

Pool Size Pool, Liner, skimmer,return, filtration system including hoses and clamps  Mason sand included for Installation **Excavation Included in our pricing
15ft $850 Yes Included under 12″
18ft $950 Yes Included under 12″
21ft $1050 Yes Included under 12″
24ft $1150 Yes Included under 12″
27ft $1300 Yes Included under 12″
30ft $1450 Yes Included under 12″
12x24ft $1,500 Yes Included under 12″
15x30ft $1,800 Yes Included under 12″
18x33ft $2,100 Yes Included under 12″

**All pool installation prices include pool installation, complete pump and filter hook-up, sand for the floor of the pool, support blocks, and excavation up to 12 inches.  Sites not within 12 inches of level will be subject to excavation charges. $150.00 for the first hour and $100.00 per hour after that. Minimum one hour charged for sites not within 12 inches.

-For Aluminum or resin fencing, add $25.00 per section to be installed.
– If you would like your round pool to be”bowled” in the middle. add $400.00.
– If you choose to sink the entire pool into the ground, excavation costs apply.
– Installation of a”Grand Entry” system, add $350.00.
– Pool Removal and or Transport, Take down and discard $300.00 for Round and $500 for Oval. To disassemble and transport a pool to be rebuilt elsewhere, the cost is half the installation price of that size pool.


Mason Sand Chart

Base material chart 

We Are Responsible For:

  • Installing swimming pool to manufacturer specifications.
  • Leveling ground up to 12″ is included in price. More than 12″ will result in excavation costs. $150.00 first hour and $100.00 per hour after (1 hour minimum).
  • Providing mason sand or play sand. This is your pool’s Floor.
  • Installing construction blocks under each upright for support.
  • Installing the sand/cartridge or DE filtration system including skimmer, pump, filter, chlorinator (If applicable), and all hoses. This is for equipment purchased from us and not older filtration equipment you intend to re-use.
  • Move excavated grass/fill to location on your property. Within reasonable distance from pool site.
  • Leave boxes and trash stacked neatly in yard or on the curb for trash pick up.
  • Lesson on pool and filter operation. Please note customer will need to be present at time of install as we don’t come back for this lesson. We are always available shall you need any help etc. getting started. 

We Are Not Responsible For:

  • Building permits, local zoning law requirements
  • Not responsible for removing excavated soils from your property. Also for any landscaping or back filling of pool.
  • Any electrical work. (Digging trench, grounding, bonding etc.)
  • Foot prints or wrinkles at the bottom of the pool. Every effort will be made to prevent both, but this can never be guaranteed. A solid blue liner is not recommended since these liners will show every imperfection in the pool floor. (99% of all pools are wrinkle and footprint free.)
  • Supplying water to fill the pool. The first 12″ must be provided by a garden hose regardless of whether or not you’ll be calling a water truck.  This must remain in pool for at least 24hrs after installation is completed. This is to help initial liner stretching.
  • Damage to lawn from bobcat use. Every effort will be made to prevent this, but the tractor could leave ruts depending on the slope and drainage of your lawn.
  • Assembly of re-used filtration equipment. If you decide to keep older filtration equipment then you are ultimately responsible for it’s installation. There are occasions when we will help you hook up a system but it’s on case by case basis.
  • Assembly of ladder that grants access to the pool, due to insurance restrictions.  However we do find ourselves helping with this task more and more. 


It is the home-owners responsibility to:

  • Pull a permit if necessary. Most, if not all cities and towns require permits.
  • Any landscaping or back filling of pool. Back filling can be done by us for an additional cost and if time permits.Clearly mark where the pool is going if you will not be at home. We encourage you to be at home during all phases of installation but we are capable of taking clear direction from you. Round pools should be marked with an “x” in the center. Oval pools should have 4 corners marked with “x”. When we are providing you with a consultation we’ll go through all this with you.
  • Clearly mark where filtration system will be located. Again during our visit we will help determine best location. It will be up to you provide this information when crews arrive to Install the pool.
  • You are responsible for all town/city regulations regarding how far from property lines the pool needs to be. Every town/city has there own requirement. You will be responsible to give us this information. (Your city or town will happily give you this info with a phone cal, to them.
  • Provide clear path for any bobcat work to be done. Generally we need about 7ft clearance side to side.
  • Please provide us with any information regarding anything below grade such as septic system, Lawn sprinklers etc.
  • Have usable electrical outlet for us to construct pool (not for filter but for our re charging of hand tools necessary to compete installation.)
  • Turn off water at the 12″ level mark and let sit for 24 hours. This is necessary to allow proper first stretch to brand new pool liner. Failure can result in void warranty.
  • Back fill pool with landscaping material of your choice. This provides several key elements for pools stability and looks. Please see our video “Base materials” for more explanation.
  • Know your manufacturers policy on defective parts. Provide your customer information to your manufactures web site for your pools warranty to become effective day one. Visit My Pool Warranty web page to fill out.

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