Above Ground Pool Installation

How do I get that pool in my backyard?

Free backyard visit

Our most popular question: Do you guys install only the pools you sell?  Yes but we also install pools from elsewhere providing the pool being installed meets our standards. Some pools aren’t worth the time or effort for us to be involved with. With that said there are many reputable dealers both in our area and across the country. A few places we will consider installing from are Seasonal Speciality, Pool Factory, The Pool Place to name a few. Please contact us and ask us any questions regarding installations!  

The best way to start the process of owning an above ground swimming pool is to fill out the form below. This will get the ball rolling. 

Hello, My name is David Mispilkin and I’ve been installing above ground swimming pools since 1992 (27 years). I have the experience that only comes with time.

Before the process, we come to you for a Free backyard visitation. We will come over and answer all your new pool questions as well as the installation related questions. 

Pool Installation-Our Responsibility

1. Installing your new swimming pool according to manufacturers’ specifications.
2. Leveling ground up to 12 inches. More than 12 inches will result in excavation costs. During our free first visitation, we’ll answer any and all questions pertaining to the excavation process. If we are sinking the pool into the ground either to match a deck height or for customer preference, excavation costs apply even if less than 12 inches.
3. We will provide mason or Stone dust, and compact, for the floor of the pool. We will explain in detail during our first visit the benefits of both materials.
4. Using patio blocks under each upright for support, even when the manufacturer doesn’t deem necessary.
5. Installing the complete filtration system, including skimmer, pump & filter, chlorinator (if applicable), and all hoses.
6. Move excavated grass to a pre-determined location within a reasonable distance from the pool area. If you require the removal of excavated earth? This will be an added cost to the homeowner. Typically excavated earth is located on homeowners’ property somewhere out of the way. Again we will fully inform you during our free visit what you can expect.
7. Typically we leave boxes from the new pool stacked neatly in your yard or on the curb for trash pickup. We cannot haul away these cardboard materials.
8. We at the Above Ground Pool Builder will dom our best to answer all pool and pool installation-related questions during our first initial free consultation with you. Please feel free to contact us at any time during the process and we’ll answer your questions ASAP. Phone: (781) 972-9110,  email: info@abovegroundpoolbuilder.com

Pool Installation Homeowners Responsibility

It is the home-owners responsibility to:
1. Pull a permit if necessary. Most, if not all, cities and towns require permits. We do not pull permits for you. The homeowner must secure the permit if necessary.
2. Clearly mark where the pool is going if you will not be home at the time of installation. Round pools should be marked with a stake or paint X where the
center of the pool is to go. Ovals should have the four “corners” marked. We can help with this process during our visit but the ultimate decision of pool placement is yours.
3. Clearly mark where the pump & filter is to go. This can go anywhere you like on the round pool. On ovals, the p&f must be on one of the four “corners” for proper
water circulation. Please mark this with 2 stakes or paint X’s.
4. Know your city/town regulations. ie: how far away the pool must be from property lines, dwellings, etc. Again we do not obtain installation permits so proper information must be conveyed to us.
5. Provide clear access/path for the Bobcat tractor. If access is not possible, there will be an additional charge to dig by hand. Bobcat needs 7 feet in width for
access. We will let you know if you don’t have enough room during our free visit.
6. Inform us of any issues below the surface of the lawn. (septic systems, leech fields, sprinklers, etc.) It is very important we know of any obstructions in our around where the pool will be installed.
7. Please have a usable electrical outlet within a reasonable distance from the pool area. We need this for construction purposes.
8. Have a usable water source and a garden hose long enough to reach the pool. We must start filling with your water hose regardless if the water is being trucked in. Setting the pool liner is crucial during installation.
9. After we install your new pool you will need to fill the pool to about 12 inches via garden hose immediately. Turn off the water when within this range and let sit overnight. This will allow the latex liner to stretch and settle.  Failure to do this will void the warranty on our labor.
10. Backfill the pool with desired landscape material BEFORE the pool is full and in use. This protects the pool itself and prevents the sand from
washing away. This greatly prolongs the life of your pool. Failure to do this will void the warranty on our labor. We can help advise you during our visit to the proper materials you may use.
11. Know the manufacturer’s policy on defective liners. This is highly unlikely but we do see 1 or 2 defective liners per couple seasons. In the event that you get a defective
liner, it is your responsibility to identify the defect and let us know asap. We will need to secure a picture and ultimately the defective part of the liner.

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