The Angeline is named after Angeline Falls located in King County, Washington. Flowing from the outlet of Angeline Lake, this perennial waterfall plunges from a height of 450 feet and is more than 120 feet wide. Love summer? Hike to a waterfall and relax in the great outdoors!

Just as you love a summer hike to see a waterfall, you will also love to swim in your own Angeline Above Ground Pool from Blue Cascade! The Angeline aluminum pool is able to handle inclement weather, is a rust-free alternative to steel pools, and is a long-term value at a reasonable price. The aluminum pool wall is lighter in weight when compared to steel walls. Every Angeline pool is “Made in the USA”, features a 50 Year Limited Warranty with 3 Years Full Coverage, and a Vinyl Works deluxe pool liner— also manufactured in the United States. Get outdoors and into your Angeline pool, and love summer swimming for many years to come!
18’ x 54” 21’ x 54” 24’ x 54” 27’ x 54” 30′ 33′
Round 54" 52″ Height
Oval 54″ Height
12′ x 24′ 15′ x 30′ 18′ x 33′


    • 54” Pool Height
    • 8” Extruded Aluminum Ledge Sand Color
    • 6” Wide Extruded Aluminum Verticals; Sand Color
    • 1” Universal Aluminum Rails
    • Universal Top and Bottom Aluminum Plates
    • 8” Molded Resin Wrap Around Top Covers &
    Bottom Pedestal
    • Nemisis Corrugated Aluminum Wall
    • Available: Round and Non-buttress, Slim Style Ovals
    • Stainless Steel Hardware for Extended Life and High Strength Fasteners Where Required


  • 50 Year Limited
    Including 3 Year Full

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