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How do you purchase an above ground pool

8 easy steps 1. First thing you want to accomplish is too figure out how much swimming space you will need. The following chart is comfortable number of individuals and the space desired while enjoying a swim. 15ft round – two or three swimmers 18ft round- Two to as many as four swimmers 21ft round- […]


Low Water Level Upon Opening Pool

Springtime is that time of year when people remove their winter cover to discover that the water level in there pool is lower than it was in previous years. What does one do? First thing might be to assume that your pool’s liner has failed but this would be a wrong assumption to start with. […]


Snow and Ice Alert

This year is one of the hardest winter seasons on above ground pools in a very long time. Snow is piled 4ft high and your pool has a giant block of ice inside. With that said, you can see the potential risk given these facts. A pool wall is not very thick and a giant […]


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Some questions we get from our customers

Thank you for considering an above ground pool or Installation services While waiting for us to contact you please find the following information regarding A.G. pool ownership. Typical costs and some related questions associated with having a new above ground pool.   There are other costs you will need to consider when placing an above […]


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How to move an above ground pool

So how does someone move an above ground pool? We often change liners or repair older pools and we find new clients living in houses that we have installed pools for years earlier. After contacting a few of these older customers we learned that they left their pools behind because they didn’t think they could […]


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All pool liners are not equal

What makes a good above ground pool liner? There are different manufacturing techniques used in the manufacturing of above ground pool liners. The best manufacturers are the ones who build your liner after measurement has been taken. Most companies brag about how fast they can produce what a customer is looking for. Having a liner […]


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Does your pool look like this

Does your pool look like this one and perhaps you need a new pool liner? Has someone quoted you a price to change the liner that seems to high?      When we come across customer’s who have this style pool. They are often quoted 900$ for a new liner and 800$ for labor. Or […]


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6 Reasons why you need a new pool liner

Why you must get a new pool liner when you move a pool. We at the Above Ground Pool Builder get many customers who hire us to move an above ground pool from one location to another. When we are hired for such a task. We always recommend purchasing a new pool liner. Often times […]


5 Steps to a successful above ground pool liner replacement

  Steps to replacing an above ground pool liner Measuring Inspecting Research Selection Installation There are many different options and styles one has these days. It’s more important you get the right size then the options and style can be shopped for last.   If you are one of the lucky ones out there who […]


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Above ground pool and equipment installation manuals

Above Ground Pool Instructions Find your particular pool or equipment instructional manual below.   Installation Manuals     Artesian round pool installation Artesian buttressless oval installation Atlantic Round Pool Installation Atlantic Oval Pool Installation Monument Round Pool Installation(Esther Williams) Monument Oval Pool Installation (Esther Williams) Matrix Round Pool Installation Matrix Oval Pool Installation Sharkline Oasis […]


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Are You Seriously Considering No LINER GUARD

8 Reasons you may want to get a Liner Guard installed under your new above ground pool liner. I replace about 100-150 pool liners each pools season and customers 100% of the time ask about something that goes under the liner? A liner guard, do I need one? I always respond with an “IT DEPENDS”. […]


Tricky Liner Tip # 1

The #1 Trick used by professionals to replace your pool liner Have you ever wondered how your neighbor’s pool liner looks so great or are you considering replacing your own liner and want the results that a professional pool installer produces? There is one trick that all pool pros use and so can you. You […]


Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

The top five above ground pool deck Ideas are:   1.) Wooden Decks The most common built deck is a wooden deck and its no surprise its number one in the country for accessing an above ground pools. Customers come up with some very interesting Ideas with wooden decks. A wooden deck is only limited […]


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Swimming At Night In Your Above Ground Pool

Hot Summer Nights During the hot summer months, night swimming is one of the favorite pastimes of above ground pool owners. To be able to do this safely requires pool lighting, which is more useful when the lights are in the water. There are many innovative types of lighting that can be used for this […]


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How Above Ground Pools Originated

History goes way back to world war II The history of above ground pools dates back to World War II and Domain Industries. The U.S. Army was in the market for a way to seal cans containing food so foot soldiers would have something to eat from their packs when there was nothing else available.The […]


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