Burgess Falls is one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in all of Tennessee. This is a big water-fall, and even with a wide angle lens you will probably not be able to picture the whole falls from the base. When the water is higher the falls spills evenly over the entire cliff. In low water, most of the water goes over the left or right with only some going over the center.

The Burgess Aboveground swimming pool by Blue Cascade is one of the most impressive aboveground pools in the Blue Cascade product line. This 52” hybrid pool features a steel wall, top plate and uprights for added strength. All other components are resin. The Burgess Above ground pool exterior, like the falls, is beautiful to look at. The chocolate colored uprights against the gradated Microdots wall design will enhance any backyard environment. Every Burgess pool is manufactured in the USA and features a Vinyl Works deluxe interior finish, also fabricated in the USA.
15′ 18′ 21′ 24′ 27′
Round — 52″ Height
Oval — 54″ Height
15′ x 30′ 18′ x 33′


    • • 52” Wall Height
    • • 8” Resin Top Ledge
    • • Resin Chocolate Uprights
    • • Chocolate Gradated Microdot Exterior
    • • Resin Stabilizer, Top Plate and Bottom Plate
    • • Two Piece Ledge Cover
    • Oval System Non-Buttress Only


  • 4 Year Full Warranty

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