Nov 03, 2016

5 Tips for Above Ground Pool replacement When You Have a Deck

In this article you will learn 5 tips on how to replace your above ground pool without having to re-build your deck. After all, you probably spent a fortune building a deck after you installed your original pool.  This information will be a guide to prevent the take down of your deck.

Ok, so you’re probably somewhat of an expert at purchasing an above ground pool because you have done it before. Then you built a beautiful deck around part or all of your pool. Now the pool is old, it’s been damaged by a fallen tree or suffered from “Winter Damage”.  You will need to replace the pool, but wait a minute, “What about the deck?”  Isn’t this going to cause some issues? You bet it is!  Today you will learn 5 tips to help you with a purchase. You’ll need a pool that works with your deck unless of course you plan to replace that deck as well.  If this is the case this article isn’t for you. But if you have built a deck and you do not want to reconstruct a new deck, then keep reading.

Please consider the following tips to save you aggravation and money.


Try to purchase the exact same pool.  If you get the same pool it will line up accurately because the frame and wall height will be the same. Also, it will have the uprights in the same location therefore matching up with your deck.  I know you want a new fancy pool, but it is important to purchase the exact pool so it will fit perfectly with any deck work.  To update the look of the pool, you can always change to a new liner with a modern design and perhaps switch to a newer mineral system (rather than chlorine) for your sanitation system. Staying with the same pool is the easiest solution to avoid taking down your deck.


Try to make sure the new frame is the same size or smaller. If your pool is no longer manufactured then you should know diameter, height and size of the frame on the original pool.  Purchasing a new pool and only going by the diameter and height will not a guarantee it will fit against the deck. In fact all manufacturers of above ground pools make their pools with slightly different diameters, longer and shorter wall lengths and different number of uprights.  Unfortunately the manufacturers are in competition against one another at your expense.  A typical salesperson will not explain much of this because they do not have experience installing pools.

In order to match your deck, stick with the same size frame or smaller. On countless occasions before I started selling pools, I had to inform our installation customers that we couldn’t install their new pool because the deck was in the way due to the larger pool size or number of uprights did not match the previous pool.


Count the uprights on your old pool; purchase a new pool with same number of uprights. Remember the deck was built after the original pool was installed, so it has specific requirements related to the measurements, uprights and angles. Manufacturers build their pools with different amount of uprights, having the same number will result in large percentage of the new pool lining up with the deck.


Oval pools have side supports.  Buttress free designed ovals also have supports located under the surface of the ground so you cannot see them. Measure the distance between two supports while at the same time recognizing where your deck posts are located.  The new pool should have an equal distance between the side supports to avoid any compromises with deck posts. If a side support needs to go where a deck post resides then you run into the problem of relocating a deck post.


The most important tip is to call on an experienced pool installation expert to look at your replacement needs. Every pool replacement has its unique circumstances therefore it is important to have qualified eyes on this project.

You can send us pictures and/or video through our web site, Contact Us.  We will do our best at helping you replace that old pool while trying to save your deck.

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