Nov 15, 2016

Round or Oval and what size is right for my family

So you’re not sure if a round or oval above ground swimming pool is right for your family?

I am often asked; Are round pools stronger than oval pools? And what size pool will be best for us?
Whenever I am presented with these questions, I immediately think back to the 80’s and 90’s when owning an oval above ground pool was a bit more adventurous. I say this- With advancements in manufacturing methods, owning an oval above ground pool today is an awesome choice, especially when compared to an in ground pool. They are almost the same in many respects except for the price. Of which you can expect to save many thousands of dollars.
So what size do you need?
Sizing is a little different and we have found out after years of feedback that the following chart will give you a good idea of how large or small of a pool you will need. This chart doesn’t take include a swimmers use. If you are going to use an above ground pool for swimming exercises then we recommend a larger 27’ round pool and or oval 15’x30’ or larger.  Swimmers need more room to exercise and even a modest size pool wouldn’t work well.
The following chart is our opinion based on many years in the above ground pool business. You may hear different or you may know what size you already want. After all it is a personal decision.

pool swim chart pic

After installing thousands of above ground swimming pools we can say without any doubt. After we erect the pool wall our customers always have a comment. This comment is the same from all and it has spanned throughout our life in business. It is this “Wow, this pool is a lot bigger than I thought it would be”. Will you say this? Maybe or maybe not I just thought I would tell you this interesting find from over the years.


The following chart compares pool features.

We do hope you find this information helpful when trying to figure out the right size or shape pool for you and your family. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day.

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